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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ is always expanding.

Am I required to use your CDN solution?

Not at all! We welcome you to use your own storage solution.

*Note: While your videos may go through your CDN for playback, there is still bandwidth incurred on our end for hosting and delivering your actual OTT Apps through our platform CDN.

How long does it take to get my apps published?

Once we confirm with you that everything is set, and you’re ready to go, we guarantee that your apps will be published in the respective stores within 60 days.

Can I have multiple apps on the same platform? (i.e two different Apple, Amazon, Roku apps)

We only offer one app per platform on a single user account. If you’d like more than one app per platform, you will have to open multiple accounts. This way we can keep everything simple and organized in the system, and prevent any issues.

Can I transfer my already live apps to your service?

We are unable to take apps that are currently live.

Am I listed as the developer?

All of the branding, images, and text on the app will be yours. In the app stores, the developer will be listed as SABRTV LLC. Other than that, there is no mention of us.

*Note: We can release the apps under your own app store dev accounts. Contact us for details.